Monday, January 23, 2017

Master Plan - 8th hole

The plan on the 8th hole is quite different than the other plans we have gone through as we are unable to construct bunkers on this hole due to frequent flooding.  The first change to note is the teeing area.  The cart paths around the tees would be renovated and shifted allowing for the tees to be moved to the right and enlarged.  This will change the angle of the hole slightly, making the decision to bite off the corner more of a strategic move.  Due to the fact that no bunkers can be installed, a series of grass moguls would be constructed to penalize the player trying to cut the corner of the hole and not making it to the fairway.  The plan also calls for drainage to be installed in combination with proper grading of the fairway. 

Significant changes include:
  • Altered cart paths around the tees.
  • Rebuilt tees, shifting them to the right.
  • Grading fairway, add drainage.
  • Add grass moguls on the right side.
  • Expanded green pad.
  • Tree planting and removal.