Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Master Plan - 3rd hole

This week we will continue reviewing the front nine.  The 3rd hole doesn't see a lot of changes other than the bunkering.  The fairway bunker on the right is eliminated, the fairway is then brought out to cover that void.  The fairway bunker on the left is rebuilt along with the addition of a few more bunkers creeping further out into the fairway.  Longer hitters will have a tighter landing area in the fairway, contending with the bunkers on the left and trees on the right.  The bunkers around the green will also be rebuilt, keeping them close to the green surface. 

Changes to the 3rd hole include:
  • Rebuilt tees.
  • Updated bunkering.
  • Expanded green surface. 
  • Alter the fairway contours.
  • Tree removal.