Thursday, January 19, 2017

Master Plan - 5th hole

The 5th hole has a lot of opportunity for improvement; with potential changes to the tees, cart paths and bunkers, this hole will be greatly improved.  5 is one of the few holes where we can add length by constructing a back tee.  The plan calls for the removal of the two trees directly behind the current tee to build a back tee, adding 47 yards.  Currently there are a few fairway bunkers on the hole that are not in play and serve no strategic purpose.  Those three bunkers will be removed and a fairway bunker on the right will be constructed at the corner, putting a premium on a well placed tee shot.  Also of note is the altered route of the service road through 5 / 13 / 14.  When you stand on 5 tee currently, your eye is drawn to the gravel road directly in front of you.  With an altered route through the course, your view from the tee will now be focused on the fairway ahead.

Changes to the 5th hole include:
  • Rebuilt tees.
  • Move service road.
  • Update cart paths around the green.
  • Remove fairway bunkers, construct new fairway bunker, rebuild greenside bunkers.
  • Alter fairway perimeter as needed.
  • Expand green pad.
  • Tree planting and tree removal.