Thursday, January 5, 2017

Master Plan - 14th hole

Next on our list for review is the 14th hole.  The two significant changes here are the bunkering and the service road relocation.  We will remove two somewhat unnecessary bunkers from the hole and add two more surrounding the landing area on the fairway.  The service road would move from its current location and follow the creek before turning toward the range, this removes the eye sore from 5 tee.  You may have noticed - when you are standing on 5 tee, your sight line is right down the gravel service drive and not down the fairway.  Relocating the drive will make it somewhat hidden as you play the course. 

The changes to 14 include:
  • Remove 2 bunkers.
  • Add 2 bunkers to the fairway landing area.
  • Relocate service road.
  • Add drainage to fairway.
  • Square off tees.
  • Expand green edges.
  • Tree planting and tree removal.
While the length of the hole as not changed, navigating the fairway bunkers and staying out of the tucked green side bunkers will make this hole more challenging.