Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Master Plan - 4th hole

Changes to the 4th hole concentrate around the bunkers, moving the fairway bunker on the right while also adding fairway bunkers on the left.  As you study the new bunker placements on the Master Plan you will see a consistent theme of challenging the lower handicap golfer, the 4th hole is a great example of how we can shift the bunkers to an area that will change golfers strategy off the tee.  Also of note, around the tee is an updated cart path, allowing traffic to access the path near 3 green and reduce the wear on the turf in that area. 

Changes to the 4th hole include:
  • Rebuilt tees.
  • Removing fairway bunkers, adding new fairway bunkers, renovate greenside bunkers.
  • Alter fairway perimeter.
  • Cart path additions.
  • Expand the green edges.
  • Tree planting and removal.


Existing view of 4 green.

Proposed view after changes according to the plan.