Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Master Plan - 12th hole

I will continue taking you through a tour of the Master Plan, continuing with the back nine.  Today we will highlight the 12th hole, which is our current 11th.  As previously stated, the current 12th hole will become a short game practice area with a new par 3 10th hole being constructed.  This past fall we started making changes to the new 12th according to the plan - moving the fairway bunker and altering the fairway perimeter. 

The main changes for the new 12th hole include:
  • Move the fairway bunker. (completed)
  • Rebuild the greenside bunkers.
  • Expand the approach.
  • Adjust the fairway perimeter.
  • Rebuild the tees, making them square.
  • Add additional cart paths around the teeing area.
  • Tree planting and tree removal.
The existing view of the new 12th green.
The changes after completion as proposed.