Thursday, January 12, 2017

Master Plan - 1st hole

We have completed the review of the back nine, let's take a look at the front nine.  The notable changes to the first hole are updated bunkering and a new back tee.  This hole is one of the few holes on the property that we can gain a little length by adding a new tee, this new tee being across the cart path on top of the hill.  The large bunker between 1 and 7 would be removed and a new fairway bunker on the left would be constructed.  The approach bunker would be brought out into the fairway; the fairway bunker on the right side would also be removed. 

Changes to the first hole include:
  • Rebuilt tees, adding a back tee.
  • Rebuild bunkers, eliminating the right side fairway bunker, adding a green side bunker.
  • Alter fairway contours.
  • Move cart path to the left of the forward tees.
  • Tree removal.