Thursday, January 26, 2017

Home lawn fertilization plan - back again

FCC is again going to give you the opportunity to purchase your home lawn fertilizer through us, in doing so, you will get a great deal - $79.00 for a four step program that will cover 10,000 square feet of lawn per application.  Each application equates to less than $20.00 per app  You would pay over $180.00 for the same fertilizer at a home improvement store.  We will tell you when and how to apply, and you will be able to pick up the fertilizer all at one time at the club.  All you need to do is tell us before March 31st if you would like to participate in the plan.  The fertilizer order will be ready for pickup in April, we will charge your account at that time.

Here are the highlights of the plan:
  • Four applications, less than $20 per application
  • Everything you need to keep your lawn healthy
  • Plan of application, we tell you when and how to apply
  • One stop shop, pick up all the products you need in one stop
  • Great value, save over 50% vs. purchasing at a home improvement store
  • Supports local business, all products are manufactured in Fostoria
For a one-time charge of $79.00 per 10,000 square feet, you'll receive:
  1. Mid-April app, 30-0-0 with Dimension pre-emergent (crabgrass control)
  2. Early-June app, 21-0-4 with Mallet insecticide (grub control)
  3. Mid-July app, 24-4-12, late summer feed
  4. Late-September app, 18-0-2 with Trimec (weed control) the best time to control weeds is in the fall
*Each application consists of 1 bag which covers 10,000 square feet.  Measure your lawn to be sure you order the correct number of bags.  Calibrate your spreader to apply 5lbs of product for every 1,000 square feet.  Always read and follow label directions.

All orders need to be placed by March 31st.  If you would like to take advantage of this program, please call me at 616-405-5016 or email me at to sign up for the plan.  You will need to know the size of your lawn.  A typical suburban home lawn is around 10,000 square feet, if you have a larger lawn, you may need to order more than 1 bag per app.

All the products will be ready for pickup on April 8th.  We will set up a time were members can come pick up their fertilizer and take it home, you will also receive a guide on when and how to apply the products. 

We want our members to be proud of their lawns and we're going to make it easy for you!