Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Master Plan - 18th hole

Today we will go through the last hole on the back nine - 18.  The most notable change off the tee will be the fairway bunkers, pushing them further down the fairway to challenge the lower handicap golfer; also shoving them in toward the middle, making a well placed tee shot a priority.  Around the green you will see a collection area off to the left side, similar to that on 17.  A shot missed left would roll down the green bank into this collection area.

Changes to hole 18 include:
  • Rebuild the tees, shifting the back tees to the right.
  • Alter the cart path around the tees.
  • Construct new bunkers.
  • Add a collection area to the left of the green.
  • Adjust fairway contours.
  • Tree removal.