Monday, January 23, 2017

Master Plan - 7th hole

The changes to the 7th hole will look impressive from the tee, the topography of 7 makes it possible to get an outstanding view of the fairway from the tee.  The strategic changes to 7 revolve around the bunkers.  As stated earlier, we are removing the large bunker between 1 and 7; the right side fairway bunker will get shoved closer to the tee - actually putting this bunker in play; and the approach bunker will be placed next to the green.  Combine these changes with an additional green side bunker on the right and we can make this formidable hole.

Changes to the 7th hole include:
  • Bunker alterations.
  • Rebuilt tees.
  • Altered fairway perimeter.
  • Expanded green pad.
  • Tree removal.
  • Cart path updates.

One of the qualities of a good Architect is seeing the details that we sometimes don't see.  In this 'existing' picture we can see that the cart path comes well into view as we look down the fairway, taking away from the beauty of the landscape.  In the plan, they call for the path to be moved to the right, allowing space for a new tee while also shifting the path away from the sight line of the hole. 

I find it interesting looking at these before and after pictures, flipping back and forth to see the changes.  You may notice as I did that with our current view, our eyes are either drawn to the path on the right or the large expanse of sand on the left, but not down the fairway.  With the proposed view, my eyes are drawn closer to the center to of the hole.