Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tee construction finished

The 6 new tees we built for the "white" course are complete.  The process was started back in last October with the building and shaping of the tees.  Over the winter the tees had a chance to settle and compact.  This spring we leveled them once more and sodded the bentgrass tee surface and the rough surrounds.

Last fall - first thing we did was stake out the location and size.  Chad and I worked out location based on the hole being played, total course yardage we wanted to aim for, aesthetics and of course - nearby irrigation.

Soil was added and brought up to grade.  We used a laser transit to make the tees level with a 1% fall for drainage.  See if you can determine which way it is leaning.
Prior to winter we compacted the tees and added more soil as needed. 

This spring, after the tees were leveled one more time - sod was laid and trimmed.  All sod came from our nursery along 8 fairway.  Using in-house sod makes the tees look like they have been there for 10 years.

Once the sod was laid, we rolled the surface smooth.  Over the next few weeks we will topdress them to work out any imperfections.

The sod crew just finishing up 18 tee.

Today we finished up with the tee on 15.

A view from the back tee on 15.

A view of the new tee on 1.  I think they turned out great, I would like to hear the members feedback on the tees.  After a couple weeks, we will move the white markers to these tees and they will be in play.  This will provide a nice intermediate length course at 5,661 yds.
Next project on our list is finishing the mulch around the club.