Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Irrigation System

Last week we started up the irrigation system.  There is always the concern when you start up the system of what "bugs" we are going to find after 5 months of being shutdown.  With so many pipes, fittings, electronics and controllers; there always seems to be something that needs to be fixed or adjusted.  With the irrigation system being the arteries of the course, we need to keep the system in proper working order.

The pump motors were raised up off of the pump station this winter due to flooding.  We lowered them back down, everything is working properly.

The main control system fired right up.

All the irrigation boxes on the property came back to life with no issues.

We pressurized the system and checked each head.  We run at over 1,000 gpm at 125 psi

Due to the amount of debris and silt we get from the river, when we fire the system up in the spring, we get a fair amount of irrigation heads that weep.  In the next few weeks, you may notice an head here or there that is leaking a little bit.  We go to each head that is leaking, remove it and clean out the debris.