Friday, May 16, 2014

Flowers arriving

This past week we started to see our flowers arriving and being planted by the crews from Blanchard Valley Center.  This past winter, Tim Stumpp and clients from BVC planted and grew from seed the majority of the flowers that we need here at the Club.  We have also contracted BVC to come plant these flowers this spring.  The flowers and the crews started arriving this week and they look great.

Tim showing the clients on proper spacing and planting depth.
Molly was really excited to plant.  Not afraid to work in a little rain.

Molly and Nicole getting their hands dirty.

Bill has been here most days - doing a great job with the planting.

Tim was able to get the help of a few clients that couldn't make it out on the course to plant the planter boxes.  I met Alex this winter, he was in the greenhouse helping Tim grow the flowers, now getting a chance to plant them.

Bill did a great job on these planters, he wanted to make sure his picture made the "scoreboard" at BVC.