Thursday, May 1, 2014

National Farm and Garden Award

On Tuesday, FCC was presented the Latham Award from the Ohio Division of the Women's National Farm and Garden Association.  This award is given annually to an organization that makes contributions to conservation, beautification and civic improvements.  Anne Hermiller nominated Findlay Country Club for our efforts of developing and maintaining a well-designed facility.  She highlighted our history, mission statement, facilities, dedication, trees and flora, seasonal decorations, and opportunities we offer for members to enjoy the outdoors.  In fact, this blog was used and made a significant impact in the award.

Anne Hermiller presented me with the Award and a $100 check to be used for further beautification of the grounds.  While this was completely unexpected, it was very appreciated.  FCC would like to thank Anne for her nomination and her efforts.  The Grounds Staff and everyone at FCC appreciates the recognition.  Thanks again Anne!