Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Landscape updating, Snack shack

Today we tore out the landscaping in the small bed between the two tennis courts.  This bed was in bad need of an overhaul.  As landscaping ages and outgrows it's purpose, we update the beds and give them a fresh look.

The bushes outgrew the size of the bed.  There was no visual appeal.

You usually have to make things look worse before it gets better.

The end result.
We have a few more beds that we would like to update this year, as time and funds allow.
The 15th hole snack shack has been painted.  We did this in-house making the process take a little longer.  The Grounds Equipment Technician - Jim Otley is a great painter, but repairing the equipment comes first.
Last fall's construction.
This spring with the new roof and porch

The freshly painted exterior and interior.  No more baby blue and pink bathrooms.