Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Projects around the shop

With how wet we have been in the last few days, we decided to tackle a few projects around the shop vs. tracking up the golf course with ruts and mud.  The first project was solving a water issue at the shop, every time we had a hard rain, water would get into our break room.  The slope of the pavement would funnel all the water towards the front door, causing water to seep under the door.

We decided to install a retaining wall, keeping the edge about 1" higher than the pavement.  This will keep the water from getting to the building, making the water run along the wall and down towards the drain.
The project we tackled this morning was hanging the old front entrance sign on our barn.

With the history of the sign, I didn't want to throw it away.  We thought of possible locations and uses for the sign.  We decided on the wall of the barn is the perfect place to welcome people in to the shop and also showcase the history of the club.