Thursday, March 24, 2016

Busy Wednesday

We had an extremely productive day on Wednesday, getting a few projects scratched off our list before the rain for Thursday.  The first project of the day was planting trees.

We planted a 'Japanese Maple' near the River Rooms entrance.  This tree will replace the fountain that was there. 
We then planted 3 trees along the left side of #10, creating a natural outline to the new hole, just beyond and to the left of the new tees.

The new trees span the gap from the new tees to the fence line.

Because of the trees in the middle of the old fairway, the 10th hole will now be played from the new tees.  All of the markers have been placed on the forward tee for the time being, giving the back tee a little longer to firm up. 

Next on the list was grinding the stumps of the trees that were removed over the winter.  With the wind and sun we had over the last week, the ground firmed up enough for us to get the equipment on the course.

To end the day, we topdressed the new tees on 10.  This will help smooth out any of the imperfections and aid in firming the tee up.
Other tasks completed on Wednesday included: stick clean-up, landscaped bed clean-up, fairway mowing and preparations/cleaning of the 15th hole bathrooms.