Monday, March 7, 2016

Feels like spring

I think that winter has left us for the most part, we may see a few frosty mornings or a snow flake here and there, but spring looks like it's here.  Today was the unofficial beginning of the season for us - transitioning from winter projects to spring clean-up.  The first item on our list is cleaning up the course and preparing it for a not too distant opening. 

We had special help today from the clients at Blanchard Valley Center, they came over this morning to give a great start on picking up sticks.  A big thank you to Molly, Nicole, Jeff and Cary for helping us out!
So, when will we open?  Not sure yet, we will see how this weather pattern pans out and how much rain we get this week.  Right now the sun is shining, but we are wet!