Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Small projects

July is typically a good month to fit in a few small projects as time allows.  June is more of a detail work month - getting items done for the upcoming events.  In July, the schedule opens up where we can focus more on the non-typical tasks. 

We started edging all the cart paths, taking the grass off the path where it has overgrown and creating a nice clean edge.  Some areas where overgrown by 12"

We are also tackling a drainage issue on 12.  There have been a few sink holes developing in the valley.

A large 10" clay tile was taking in soil causing the sink hole.

Another tile off of 10 ladies tee was connected to this repair eliminating some of the wet spots that usually occur in this region.

Besides these two projects we have also been spraying for weeds and trimming up trees.