Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Behind the scenes

I hope everyone had the opportunity to enjoy the fireworks show on July 4th.  I thought the show was great and definitely worth seeing every year.  Part of my new job duties this year was organizing the fireworks show and securing the permits, contractor and proper authorities to oversee the show.  With my involvement, it gave me a chance to view the inner workings of a good fireworks program.

The forms getting unloaded from the truck and being set up in our grass nursery area beside 8 fairway.

Roscoe showing us one of the 4" shells.

Set up started at 2:00pm with a show at 10:00.  Here the shells are staged and ready to be fitted into the tubes.

The guys working on the finale shells.

Roscoe's wife gave my three boys a behind the scenes tour of a large fireworks production.  The crew wouldn't let us take one home though!

Getting the finale all wired together.  They did a great job and everything went smoothly.  With a soft north wind, the clean-up this year was minimal.