Thursday, July 3, 2014

High speed action

Ever wonder what the typical morning looks like for a Golf Course Superintendent, check this 5 minute clip out:

Morning Routine Video

During the months of May - August, my morning consists of arriving 20-30 minutes before the crew starts their day, organize the job board for the morning and welcome guys as they start trickling in.  At 6:00am we start the day with a brief overview of the day and who is doing what tasks, then it's off to work.  As the crew gets their equipment out of the barns, I start my morning drive around the course - taking notes, checking on mowers, looking at turf conditions and making sure details are attended to.  Some days, I may be moving tee markers as well, but I try to keep myself free for the first hour of the day to assess everything.

This video was shot a little later in the morning, around 7-8:00.  I had to figure out how to use and mount the camera before I could go out.  I also kept the drive to a minimum to limit the length of the video, most mornings I drive down each hole.