Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chipping green bunker

This year we have on staff an intern from OSU, Evan Riggs, a native to the area.  One of his homework assignments this summer was to manage and complete a project on the course.  We had the perfect project for him - renovating the chipping green bunker.

Over years of use, the chipping green bunker bank built up a very thick layer of sand.  The bottom corner of the bunker gets used frequently and with every shot a few cups of sand get dispersed on the grass.  Over time it becomes unsightly and very difficult to grow grass on top of.  Here is a picture of what the banked looked like last week, no more grass in this area - only sand.

When probed, the bunker bank had an 18" sand cap.

First step was to pull back the sand from the edge and strip the sod.

Eric is finding where the top of the sod should be.

Evan then used the loader to remove the sand and get back to the original soil.

This is Evan and Jarred creating the new bunker edge.

Once down to soil level, the area was graded and sculpted to resemble the remainder of the bunker bank.

Sod from the nursery was laid today to keep the bank in place.

The finished product looks like it did 20 years ago, I suppose.  One of the crew discussion we had was how to prevent this or at least slow the process.  We will be blowing off the sand from the bank when we clean out bunkers and also washing the sand back into the bunker with a hose from time to time.

Evan did a great job completing the project, so good that we will give him another one!