Saturday, June 21, 2014


During the night on Friday/Saturday we had a little damage from a few kids walking through the property.  This is nothing new, it happens a few times a month, but last night was a little more aggressive then most.  We typically have one or two tee markers stolen every 2-3 weeks or our rope and stake is cut into pieces.  This is the first time I saw this much "horsing around" here.
Bunker rakes were scattered, pictures were drawn in the bunkers (I can't show those pictures), range flags ended up on 13 green, 13 green's pin ended up on 14.

Tee markers were placed inside cups.

Tee markers were also shoved in mud.  We had 15 tee markers removed and scattered over 5 holes.

4 tee markers were stolen or broken.

If you know of two young men that wear size 10/11 shoes (I have there shoe prints) that were cruising through the property last night - traveling from 9 tee all the way through hole 15, let me know.  I have a large ditch/hazard that they can weedwhip for the next 4 months.