Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Front island landscaping

Today we spent a few hours updating the landscaping on the front entrance island.  As stated earlier, we try to update a few landscape beds every year, this was definitely one on our short list.

The bushes we have are old and dated, we are trying to change the landscaping to give it a fresher more modern feel.

While the landscape beds along the sides of the front entrance are also of the same look, we only had the funds to update the island at this point.

Once the bushes were ripped out the ground was leveled and the rocks were put in place.

The crew then planted a few ornamental grasses and layed a fresh layer of mulch.
The updated landscaping looks great.

The only problem now is that the old and dated sign now looks exactly that - old and dated.  We have slated to replace the front sign next spring - part of our 2015 capital budget.