Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fairways on the mend

My last post described the process of verticutting fairways.  We finished all 18 fairways this week and the weather was perfect for this practice.  Verticutting that aggressively takes a toll on the turf and the cloudy, cool weather was a big reason why we verticut when we did.  If the temperatures were higher, we would have seen more stress.  You will notice some stress on the fairways where material was removed, they will be healed in by late next week.

As shown previously, a lot of material was pulled up.

A few strands of turf, such as the one seen here on 16, were as long as 6".  On a fairway cut under .5" you can envision the fairway as one giant combover.  These are the plants that we are trying to slice back to normal length, creating a better playing surface for the player.