Thursday, April 10, 2014

Roof project

We have a lot going on at the club right now - aerification was completed last week, we are mowing things for the first time the last few days, bunker clean-up was just completed, the 1/2 way house on 15 is getting painted and we are in the middle of roofing the Clubhouse.

The roof project is going well thus far, most of the shingles have been tore off and as of now - about half of the building has the new shingles in place. 

Removing the first shingles early Wednesday morning.

As we expected, we have found certain areas under the old shingles where the plywood was rotten and needed to be replaced.  There have been multiple leaks over the last few years, causing us to place buckets in the attic.

Wednesday morning

Thursday afternoon.  As you can see we went with a different color shingle, the new color is all black.  This will be a classic look.
Despite the 30 mph winds were are getting today, the job site has remained relatively clean.  The contractor is doing a great job of keeping debris from blowing onto the course.  The shingle portion of the job will be finished within the next two days.  The flat roofs will start being replaced tomorrow with the entire project completed next week.