Monday, April 7, 2014

All about the greens today

Glad to see a few of you made it out for a round of golf this past weekend.  I know the greens were sandy and shaggy due to the aerification, they will come around quickly.

Today was all about the greens, we mowed them for the first time of the season today.  Typically we wait to open the course until we get two mowings in.  If we waited that long this year, we would have to wait another week.  I thought the membership would appreciate the availability of the course on a decent weekend. 

Besides mowing them for the first time, we also dragged them with a steel mat to smooth out the sand once more, sprayed growth regulators to suppress seed heads and we fertilized them to give the greens a good spring feeding.  Over the remainder of this week, we will continue to mow and roll the greens to bring back the smoothness.  This coming weekend you will see a big difference.