Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A little bit of everything

First of all, what's up with that snow?
Spring is trying to come!

We leave ourselves a list of things to do that can be done on frost/snow days.  When the weather is good we spend most of our time out on the course.  When we can't be on the course, we fall back to our "frost project list".

We came through this harsh winter very well.  The two minor blemishes we had on the putting green are starting to heal in.  One of the spots was bad enough that we wanted to sod a portion of it, speeding up the recover process.

This picture shows the difference in the old shingles vs. the new color (black) shingles.  I think the roof looks great, very classy.  The project is still ongoing.  With the shingle portion done, the contractor is now working on the flat roof portion.  Along with the flat roof, the chimneys need to be finished, a layer of stucco will be added to the bottom, then the chimneys will be painted.  The project has been going well thus far with no major surprises.
April is always a crazy month for us - course opens, grass is growing, lots of mowing to do, winter projects need to be finished and spring project need to be started.  As always, we make it through.