Monday, April 28, 2014

Early morning sky, tee project

With the clouds rolling in this morning, we had a beautiful sunrise.  The saying goes "Red sky in morning, sailors take warning" - it usually means storms coming.  While we did not get a large storm come through, we did get plenty of rain.

This morning we were able to sod a couple tee decks before the rain hit.

#1 tee in the early morning.

#1 tee an hour later.  We also sodded #11.  The rough sod will go down later, once all the bentgrass sod is laid.  All of this sod is coming from our own sod nursery along 8 fairway.  Growing this in-house gives the new tees an immediate appearance that it fits it's surroundings, it also saves on expenses vs. purchasing the sod from a grower.  Once we are finished harvesting the sod from the nursery, we will grow another batch of turf for a future project.
As weather permits, we will continue sodding the remainder of the new tees.  My goal is to have them complete by the end of the week.