Thursday, March 20, 2014

Putting green, Spring clean-up

With all of the ice now melted off of the putting green, we can get a good look at the turf.  The low areas of the green where ice sat for 60+ days definitely saw some injury.

The brown spot in the middle of this picture is a low area in the green where ice sat for a few months.  The lighter brown towards the sides of the picture are mounds in the green where the snow was blown off from the wind - causing the tips of the turf to turn brown due to the cold.

These "puddles" of ice damage are a very deep brown.  I can still see spots of green turf down by the soil.  I think we might get lucky and this will grow out.  Another week under ice cover and these spots would have completely died.  If we do see areas not recovering this spring, we will be replacing the damaged areas with healthy sod from our nursery.
The good news is that this damage is only present on the practice putting green.  This was due to the fact that we did not remove the snow from this green to melt the ice a few weeks back.

On Monday we started our stick clean-up on the course, preparing and cleaning the course for an opening sometime soon.

We spent all day on 8 yesterday cleaning up debris from the floods this winter, today we again will be cleaning up 8 and 9.  Next week we will be finishing up the remainder of the course.