Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fighting fires

This week we have been "fighting fires" not on the course, but with our equipment.  We have had one thing after another break during this past week.  It seems we would get close to repairing one item then another problem would arise on a different machine.

It started last Thursday with our reel grinder, a condenser went out in the electrical box.  This set us back a few days.

On Friday the throttle body on our dump truck broke, parts where hard to come by because of the age of the truck.  We found a local "Good Samaritan" that had some spare parts that helped us out.

Also on Friday the brake line blew on the dump truck, it was rusted through.

On Saturday our snow blower didn't run correctly and we found some loose connections - this only required some special bolts.

Then yesterday we found the log splitter would not run at all, after a few hours of going through all the possible problems, we finally found that the timing belt came off.  This wasn't a big deal in the end, just time consuming when we are trying to fix all the other items.
In the end, everything will get fixed, that's why we have a full-time Equipment Manager.  With over $1,100,000 in equipment, these types of weeks are bound to happen.