Thursday, March 13, 2014

Flowers and tee markers

First I want to update you on our new tee marker colors.  Black will be the new "back tee" color, followed by Blue, White and Gold for the "forward tee".

We will no longer have a Red tee marker.  Also, the new tees that were built this past fall will be the home of the white markers.  The course yardages will be as follows: Black - 6842, Blue - 6399, White - 5661, Gold - 5383.  The Proshop has updated the scorecard accordingly.
As you may be aware, our Horticulturist - Tim Stumpp, left us for a teaching position last Spring.  We elected to cut that full-time position from the staff to save on labor costs.  The work that is done around the Clubhouse is now done with seasonal labor with direction from myself and my assistants.  Tim always did a great job around the Clubhouse with the flowers and landscaping, we will be continuing that level of product with Tim's help.
Tim is currently teaching at the Blanchard Valley Center on Sandusky, his specialty is Horticulture.  Last fall, he and I sat down and came up with a win-win plan for both of us.  Tim along with the help of his clients at BVC are growing most of our annuals for the upcoming season.  They have been growing them from seed in their greenhouse.  Come Spring, Tim and his clients will be planting them at FCC, giving them an opportunity to learn valuable job skills.

The flowers they are growing look great.  I toured the greenhouse today to check on the progress.

In the end, we get wonderful looking flowers and BVC gets a great learning opportunity.