Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Greens update

Yesterday was a great "Spring" day.  We started our Spring cleaning on the golf course, cleaning up leaves, sticks and debris around the front entrance of the club, around the clubhouse and also around 9 green.  Also with most of the snow melted I was able to make a walking tour of the course, taking inventory of the winter damage and making notes of projects that need to get done.

The course looks great out there.  We got through winter with very little damage.  Most of the damage is superficial and the grass will make a full recovery with a few weeks of good growing conditions.  We definitely have some damage and battle scars, but overall we made out well.

This is wind desiccation damage on the putting green.  Just like previous pictures of 12 green, these are areas that were exposed to the very cold temps and high winds.  There is green turf underneath, these areas will grow out of this damage with a few weeks of 60 degree weather.

When we removed the snow from the greens a few weeks ago, we did not get to the putting green and 8 green.  There was a few areas of ice the remained on those greens yesterday, being melted completely away by the end of the day.  This is the ice cover on the putting green, underneath I saw green turf.  Therefore, we made it through winter with no damage due to ice cover.

This is the snow mold damage to 1 green.  With it being Pink Snow Mold, this damage is mainly superficial and the turf will recover from this damage.  Again, I can see green turf underneath the damage, come mid-April we won't know it ever happened.

This is some bruising of 3 green due to removing snow with the snow blowers.  This will recover quickly.

It is hard to see, but these are deer tracks across the green (you can click on the picture to get a better view).  This type of damage is all over the course.  This also will recover quickly.

Here is where the deer dragged their hoofs across the green, I need to remind them to stop being so lazy and pick their feet up!

These are the icebergs that were deposited along 8 fairway, it will be a while before these melt away.