Monday, February 24, 2014

Winter damage

I guess it's not really news anymore, everyone is used to seeing and hearing about it, in case you haven't heard - the course had moderate flooding this past weekend.  I don't want to make a huge deal out of this every time we flood, but in the culture of full disclosure and communication - this is the 4th flood we have had in 10 months, all of them being in the top 50 floods for Findlay:

April - 17th
July - 34th
December - 8th
February - 44th
18 Fairway

Behind 18 green
We will be back to work with the clean-up efforts as soon as the ice melts away.

This winter has been tough on our greens.  This is a patch on 7 green, patches of turf did not make it through the winter.  Most of the greens look great as of now.  Greens 1, 7 and 12 look a little rough.  7 green lost turf just from the stresses of winter, 1 green lost turf due to snow mold and 12 is browned in areas due to the extreme cold temps we saw.

12 greens looks bad, but as of now I don't see dead turf.  You can see that portions of the green are brown.  This is exactly the areas that we had to add snow to the green a few weeks back.  The green areas are spots that had enough snow cover to insulate the greens from the cold temps, the brown areas are spots that had little snow cover and the tips of the grass blades died.  The turf is still green under the brown tips.  This is a good sign that the plant will make it through winter and grow out of the damage in spring.  A few other greens have similar symptoms, not near as extensive as 12 though.  Overall we are looking fairly good as of now - no major turf loses - just areas that will have to be "babied" as we go into spring.  We have about 30 more days of this cold/stressful weather, let's hope we can get through the remainder of it with no further damage.