Monday, February 10, 2014

Clubhouse boiler project

The clubhouse hot water tanks along with all the pipes surrounding them have recently been starting to leak (Chad's office has been wet a few times) .  Yesterday, Todd Achten, our clubhouse maintenance supervisor; along with Adam Bateson and Eric Lowery from the Grounds staff started replacing our hot water tanks and the copper plumbing around the boilers.  The guys started at 2:00pm after the Club shut down on Sunday and worked until midnight.  The have also been hard at work all day today completing this project.

Eric cutting copper pipe to size.

Todd and Adam installing the tanks and pipe.

Project almost complete - it looks great.

This project had to be done while the Club was closed because in doing this, we had to shut off the hot water.  This is why the guys worked late into the night on Sunday and all day Monday.  We were able to save the club $6,000 in capital funds vs. using a contractor to perform the work.

David Brim was caught giving the bag room a makeover.