Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Today's projects

It looks like more snow in the forecast for this weekend.  I think the next few days will be the last time we will be able to get anything accomplished outside before spring hits because it's hard for us to get around the course when there is significant snow on the ground.  There were a few more trees that I wanted to take down this week before the snow hits, we will also be grinding all the stumps and cleaning up the the shavings tomorrow.  This will put us in a good position when spring decides to come.

Removing the Spruce tree on the front, left corner of 17 green.  We also removed the 1/2 of a Spruce tree near 16 fairway - it was damaged in a storm last year.
Jim Otley (Equipment Manager) has been busy the last few days replacing the reels on our fairway mowers.  This is the last major repair to be done before spring.

Todd Achten (Facilities Manager) came over to our shop to repair our broken heater.