Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Recent rains and reseeding

On Saturday morning, the golf course took on another 2.5" of rain.  Yesterday morning, we got .3" and more rain is in the forecast for this afternoon.  I have been searching for the record rainfall in a 30 day period in Findlay - if you find it, let me know, I think we may be close to record amounts of rain.  For the month of July we are currently at 8.8" with 9 days to go in the month.  In the last 28 days we have received 11.3" of rain.  That is a lot of rain in one months time.

I want to thank my crew for hanging in there the past 3 weeks.  It has been tough with long hours at times.  They have done a great job getting the course back into shape after all these rains.

Bunkers on Saturday morning.  We had 3 guys work until 6pm Saturday night to get the water off the fairways.  They then showed up early Sunday morning to get the course ready and came back Sunday afternoon to mow fairways to prepare for the Monday outing.

Last Friday, we started reseeding the areas we lost turf due to the rain.

The smaller areas in the fairways we are seeding by hand.

Last week was spent on tree clean up from the storm.  The Hickory on 18 was the last one we cleaned up.  We had to wait until it was dry enough to drive our equipment down next to the green.