Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Another post about rain

We've now had consistent, and by that I mean daily, rain since June 25.  This weekend another 1" fell on the course and last night we got 2".  This brings our total to 7" in the last 14 days - that is 2 months worth of water.  The puddling around the course has not been that bad until last night.  This was due to the frequent but relatively small amounts of rain we got.  Although there have not been puddles, this has made the ground saturated because of the fact that it has all soaked in.

Today the course is closed.  We are going to spike the greens again to let them breath.  We will also be removing the water from the fairways and fixing all the bunkers from last nights storm.

There is a chance for rain the next few days.  If we don't get more rain, we will be open tomorrow but carts will not be allowed.  We will re-evaluate for Thursday.

8 fairway

Squeegeeing off 5 fairway

Current water level on 18