Thursday, August 1, 2013

Member participation

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week we held the Marathon - United Way outing.  We had 500 golfers come through in a short time frame.  In anticipation of this, last week, Dick Hall asked if we could set up a Member Repair Night on Wednesday evening.  We set it up, and last night a few members came to help the grounds staff fix ball marks and fill divots. 

Dr. Nielsen and Dick Hall repairing ball marks.

Steve Rackley and Dr. Spragg filling divots in the fairway.
I want to thank Tom Drake, Richard Lis and Rod Fannin for also helping us out.  We were able to fix all the ball marks and fill all the divots in 2 hours.  Thanks to all those that also came but were unable to make it outside due to the rain.  I also heard from a number of you that would have liked to help but had prior commitments. We really appreciate all the help.

What's great is that this idea came from the membership, it's nice to see pride from the members in the golf course they call home - enough so that they want to get out and help any way they can.