Thursday, August 2, 2012

Irrigation system

While we have to be happy to have the Blanchard River in a year such as this, it doesn't come without its share of problems.  I have heard of the floods that can cover the golf course on a regular basis.  This year we have not seen this yet and hope not too.  The problem we are having this year is debris coming from the Blanchard, getting into the sprinkler system and plugging up the screens.

This plugged screen is from a sprinkler around the clubhouse.  These heads have a much finer mesh than those we use on the golf course and plug up daily.  The sprinklers on the golf course plug up from time to time and need to be cleaned to prevent dry spots. 

We have a separator attached to our irrigation system that is supposed to clean out most of the debris.  It seems that during a year like this where the river is a little lower, debris is more prevalent.