Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What's happening lately

This time of year is fairly straight forward for work being done on the golf course.  We always prepare the course in the morning and spend the afternoon hours watering and doing detail work (weedwhipping, sprinkler and yardage marker edging, pulling weeds etc.)  I keep a list of projects with me that I like to accomplish over the course of the year and we pick them off as time allows.  Lately we have been working on two projects:

Limbing up trees, we started on #8 and 9. 

We do this for a couple of reasons: 1. Allow the rough mower to get under the trees without cracking the limbs  2. Allow for better visibility of the course and the ability to find ones ball if it rolls under a tree  3. Allow for more sunlight to come through to promote healthy turf.

We have also been repairing our nursery area.  This is the area to the left of #8 fairway.  We grow rough, fairway and greens grass here.  In the event that something happens on the course and we need to repair it with sod, we can take it from this nursery and have the golf course back in acceptable playing condition sooner than if we had to grow the area in from seed.

This is a yearly process.  As we use it, we have to replant it so that we never run out.  This area will be reseed in late August and grown-in during the fall.