Thursday, July 12, 2012

Goose Repellent

In the past few weeks we have been installing mono filament line around the golf course that boarders the Blanchard River (8,9).  This is being done to deter geese from coming on to the property.  During the night, geese walk up the banks and feed on our greens, tees and fairways.  They typically leave us before we get here in the morning and leave behind quite a mess.  A member suggested to us that we try stringing fishing line at about 10" above the ground, stating that the geese will not cross the line.  We have installed two sets of line, one about 8" off the ground and the other at about 16" off the ground.  I do have to say that this system works.  We were getting a lot of damage on 8 approach, lined it off and we haven't see damage on that approach since.  Now the geese were just moving to other areas of the course.  Yesterday we finished surrounding the entire River with line and this morning there was no sign of geese presence on the course.  Lets hope they don't get too smart and walk in from our grass nursery.