Monday, August 20, 2012

Bentgrass rough

Next time you are playing #8, take a drive through our turf nursery area to the left of the fairway.  In the rough portion of the nursery we have sprayed a chemical that kills only the bentgrass out of the rough.  If this application does what it is supposed to, we will be able to use it on the golf course and take the bentgrass out of the greens surrounds over time.  Bentgrass on greens, tees and fairways is great because it does best at low mowing heights.  When left to grow at 3 inches, it becomes very thick and spongy.  Many times when your ball lands in bentgrass rough, it sinks down and you have a hard time advancing the ball. 

We hope to try a greens surround this fall.  After a couple of applications the bentgrass will die out and we then will overseed with bluegrass/ryegrass and keep our surrounds playable.