Thursday, August 9, 2012

15 Green

What is happening to the 15th Green?  The front of 15 green is getting hit with a disease called anthracnose.  I started seeing breakthrough of this fungus about 2 week ago.  We have been trying everything in order to stop its spreading but we are seeing resistance to the chemicals that are normally used to treat this fungus.  Over a period of time, as a chemical is used over and over again, fungus will develop a resistance to that chemical and keep on growing in spite of what was applied.  I have tried multiple chemistry's with no effect.  Today I applied another chemistry that has the potential to remedy this problem but not with a few side effects.  This application to the front of 15 may cause some yellow discoloration and stunting of growth.  If this does happen, it will grow out in a few weeks.  If this chemistry works, it will be applied to other greens where anthracnose is present - 1,6,7,13

Anthracnose on the front of #15 green