Wednesday, March 1, 2017

High winds cause damage

Just when we thought we were ahead of the game this year, almost having the course cleaned up and ready for the next project, we get hit with high winds.  We saw multiple trees down and debris all over.  Stick clean-up will have to start over from the beginning.   It seems there was a stretch through Findlay that received high winds and part of the club fell right on that path.  All our damage was on the north side of the course, with nothing being harmed south of 5. 

Crab Apple near the bridge on 8.

 The sun came out for a little bit today as we cleaned this one up.

 An Ash fell onto the fence and road behind 9 tee.

 Half a Pear tree on 11.

Spruce between 5 and 13.

Ash on 18

 A large Spruce uprooted behind 10 green.

We got the Spruce off the cable lines and off the neighbors yard, the remainder of it will be cleaned up Friday morning - we are hoping for firmer ground to get our loader up there and finish the job. 

Wayne was back on the job today after a few months hiatus and spent the day inside - coating all the tee markers with a layer of epoxy, making them look new again.