Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ohio Amateur begins

Today was the first round of the Ohio Amateur.  The course is looking great, the OGA is thrilled with the conditions. 

With a big tournament comes earlier start times for the crew - morning meeting at 5:30, out the shop door at 5:35 and onto the course.

Over the last 20 days, the course has seen .2" of rain, I was hoping for a little more.  This is a picture of our rough in a non-irrigated section; it's still the same length as when we cut it two weeks ago and now much thinner due to the lack of water.

Our irrigated portions of the rough are a little thicker, but again, not growing anymore.  We haven't mowed this section in two weeks and it's really not much of a problem for the guys playing this week.  Had we more frequent rains before the event we could have seen thicker rough akin to the turf you may see in the spring.