Friday, July 29, 2016

14 tee, summer stress

In an effort to make the 14th hole play a little tougher and be a better representation of the 4th handicap hole on the course, the Golf staff has asked that we place the blue tee markers onto the tee across the service road.  You will be seeing the markers placed here more frequently than not.

This will add another 10-20 yds to the hole from the blue tees.
 The summer stress has caught up to us on a few greens.  We are starting to see diseases surface that frequent stressed turf.  To combat the issues, we have raised the mowing heights slightly, applied a curative application of fungicide, and are keeping a watchful eye on our moisture levels.  Because of these measures, greens speeds may be slightly slower than in the past two months. 

Here is a picture of Anthracnose on our greens through the lens of a macroscope.  We apply preventative fungicides for this disease, but breakthrough can happen during high stress periods.  To reduce the chances of seeing these types of diseases surface, stress would need to be minimized or significantly more funds would be needed to put towards preventive applications.