Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pins removed from greens, minor flooding

Yesterday, the pins were removed from the greens, the official closing of the course for the season.  As usual, we placed a few pins in the approaches if you get the urge to walk a few holes on warm day over the winter. 

Evan is happy this is the last pin he has to move in 2015.
We placed pins on holes 1, 2 and 7.  In the past we've typically also placed pins on 10, 11 and 12 but we frequently see these winter pins on the ground due to the freezing/thawing and high winds.  Because I don't like the messy look of pins laying on the ground that are in view of all to see over the winter, I've opted to leave out a few pins.  If you decide to hit a few balls around over the winter, feel free to traverse some other areas of the course, we just ask that you stay off the greens.  Also, please keep in mind that over the winter the ground may freeze, please do not walk on any turf that is froze.

We are experiencing minor flooding from the rains over the last few days.  Portions of 8, 9 and 18 are underwater.  As soon as the water recedes we will begin our clean-up efforts.  Flooding during this time of year poses little to no risk of turf loss.

Bottom of 1 fairway looking towards 18