Friday, December 11, 2015

October, I mean December projects

What a great stretch of weather, it was nice to see a few groups of golfers out on the course today soaking up the sun.  This weather has been a relief for us also, allowing us to get caught up on a few things that we were behind on due the recent project on #10.  We mowed greens today, for the second time during the month of December.  I doubt that has ever happened before.

The leaves on all the Pears are finally off, allowing us to clean-up a few spots on the course one last time, making sure we go into winter clean without leaf piles laying around.  Most of the equipment has been power washed and are now going through 'Wayne's World' of machine detailing - applying a generous coat of wax and Armor All.

The last three days, myself and few staff members spent time in Columbus for our regional conference.  I always enjoy these - catching up with Superintendents from around the region, hearing the latest and greatest news/research/ideas that are out there.  We listened to seminars with a plethora of topics - equipment repair, flower arrangements, ornamental care, algae blooms, renovations, USGA report, insect update, fungicide trials, poa annua control, growth regulators, seed research, and the list goes on.  Thank you for supporting continuing education and allowing us to grow, providing you with the best product in the area.

Next week we will be fixing a drain near 10 approach, removing the covers surrounding 10 tee to harden off the grass before winter, removing the fence along 12 tee, and begin tree trimming.  Speaking of the covers on 10, I'm glad we made the call to seed those areas this fall, we had a successful catch and will be looking great going into next season.

December is the typical month for our staff to use up any unused vacation time, therefore most of us have been in and out this month.  We will all be back in January and start the task of tree removals and more tree trimming.

One last note - we are out of firewood, if you regularly request firewood deliveries, please note that we will be unable to fulfill your order for the remainder of the winter.  If you need firewood for the winter, contact me and I will help you in your search.