Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fence removal, creek cleaning

One of the prominent things I noticed on the FCC property when I toured the course before my interview in November of 2011, was the ugly mesh screens along the range and along 12 tee.  Nothing says 'bad design' like a well placed mesh shield in the middle of the course.  These fences took away from the beauty of the property - drawing your attention to their rusty, large and unnatural forms.  We removed the screen on the range in 2012, I am pleased to announce we have now removed the eyesore on 12 tee, and it looks great.  With the recent completion of the new 10th tee, the mesh screen will no longer be needed.

We tore down the screen, selling the posts for scrap metal, then dug up the concrete foundations. 
The view of the area improved dramatically.
Another project we are working on is the dredging of the creek bottom.  Over the years, large amounts of leaves find there way into the creek, decompose and raise the level of the creek bed.  Due to the dry conditions lately, we are able to get the heavy machinery out to the creek to dig it out
We are working on 18 today, tomorrow we will tackle 6 and 7.